Agricultural equipments

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Capacitive touch screens are widely used in agricultural machine,size from 2.8 inch to 15.6 inch.

The application environment is generally complex and harsh.

The application of agricultural instruments is in some harsh and dangerous environments.

For example, gloves must be worn in some environments, some must be exposed to long-term direct sunlight outdoors, and some may be exposed to moisture, dust and various kinds of dirt for a long time.Therefore, the product is required to be particularly strong and durable.


Product Features:

1.Outdoor application;


3.Anti-slip mark

4.Waterproof and dust-proof;

5.Gloves touch available;

6.Input With a Finger, Gloved Finger or Stylus

7.Sealable Against, Dust, Dirt, Debris or Liquids

8.Durable, Impact Resistance

9.Ruggedized Against Vibration

10.Light-Weight, Portable


Common applications:

1. Irrigation water pump

2. Agricultural seeder

3. Soil testing instrument

4. Greenhouse controller

5. Agricultural vehicle


Our CTP solution:

1. AGC Dragontrail glass with AR treatment;

2. G+G structure;

3. Sunlight readable;

4. Optical bonding for CTP/LCD ;

5. ILITEK/EETI IC controller.

6. Durability: 25 years in harsh environment

7. Prevent condensation: significantly inhibit photovoltaic glass condensation


8. Against scratch: after coating, hardness can be increased for 1H

9. Anti-water accumulation: the Angle of water dripping on the top reaches >110°, and the panel will automatically slide down under tilt without affecting the vision

10. Easy cleaning: the decontamination ability is enhanced by 80%, easy to clean