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I. Description:
Touch screen is widely used in home automation Popular sizes: 3.5 inch, 5.0 inch, 7.0 inch, 10.1 inch; Popular installation method: surface mounted; Compared with industrial application, smart home touch screen environment is much better (uncomplicated), which asks user experience the most. FANNAL is very familiar with this application; we always start from the best user experience of end product, support customers with the integrating customization.

II. Final Products:
Smart Refrigerator, Smart Oven, Smart Laundry, Smart Vacuum, Smart Switch, Thermostat, Security &Alarm, HVAC Control, Door /Window Control, etc.

III. Real Solution Example:
a. Project Name:

Capacitive Touch Screen for Smart Laundry
b. Description:
1. Touch with water;
2. Multi fingers touch;
3. Anti-EMI from AC power;
4. Good view angle;
5. High hardness and thickness to meet the safety standard.
c. Touch Screen Solution:
1. Structure: G+G, tempered glass; thickened cover panel with some special treatments;
2. Driver solution: Industrial Cypress solution; support water touch, support self capacitance and mutual capacitance;
3. Bonding method: Optical bonding solution;Tips: From the feedback of customer tests, noise interference quite matters; FT and GOODIX could barely survive, it asks at least Cypress or Atmel solution.