Medical & Healthcare

Pubdate : 2021-01-18        View:276

Compared with industrial equipment, touch screen in medical are much gentle environment. 

In medical and healthcare market, touch screen devices can help doctors to release from mouse and keyboard restrain, and can be activated with a finger, gloved-hand or stylus. The healthcare touch products can be applied to nursing station, doctor office, patient self-checking system and computer-aided medicine system, etc.

Common Product Requirements on Medical Equipments:
Light Weight
Durable, impact resistance
Multi touch with latex glove or stylus
Clearly view under accent light
Work with sealable against gels, saline, blood and other liquids

Tempered glass & corning glass with differnent thinkness
Anti-glare for operating under accent light
Anti-finger treatment for fingerprint-proof
Optical bonding with TFT
With gloved finger or stylus for medical drawing
With water, saline water, blood and other liquids

Common Instrumentation:
Hand-held medical device
wearable medical device
medical & patient monitor
video laryngoscope
physical examination equipment
Operating equipment