Industrial machine

Pubdate : 2021-01-18        View:212

After several years of research and study in CTP, Yunlea has devoted much effort in this field. In the year of 2016, we begin to focused on Industrial applications with different solutions for different industrial environment. 
As everyone know, The working environment of industrial devices more precarious comparing with other fields.
Such as wearing glovers, exposing directly under sunlight, opening in air for a long time, even under the environment of moisture, dust and various kinds of dirt. We use P-cap technology for your device. P-cap has fast touch reaction. Besides, after with some special treatment it can be applied for some special environments for it's particularly strong and durable. 

Common Product Requirements on Industrial Equipment:
Durable, reliable & accurate
Highly responsive
Scratch proof & Anti-Strike
Input with gloved finger or stylus
Touch with water, saline water

Tempered glass & corning glass
Ant-glare, anti-reflection & anti-finger
Optical bonding & tape bonding
With gloved finger or stylus
With water, saline water

Common Instrumentation:
Test and measure equipment
Industrial process measurement and control instrument
Industrial personal computer
Factory automation equipment
Food processing/preparation equipment