Customized Solution

Pubdate : 2021-01-18        View:620

The right touch panel / touchscreen solution always depends on the specific area of application.

At YUNLEA, you're always in good hands, regardless of whether you want to use a touchscreen indoors or outdoors,

require a vandal-proof design or one suitable for using fingers, gloves or a stylus. 

We have the right touchscreen solution for every application.


The most significant advantages at a glance:


Multi-touch capability (up to 10 fingers)

This means that gesture control is also possible: rotating, zooming, swiping …

Also suitable for outdoor use

Expanded temperature range: -20 to + 70°C

Durability, up to 50 million actuations

Bezel-free integration with a planar glass surface finish

Can also be operated with gloves

Numerous options through the use of different cover glasses 

(anti-glare, anti-reflective, vandal-proof, customized printing for an individual design,…)

1.Touch screen's dimension we all can according to your size to customized
2.Special shape cover glass, add your company Logo ,customized Iron
3.I2C/USB/RS232 interface available
4.Water resistive /Gloves touch customized available
5. Anti-glare/Anti-Finger/Anti-Glare customized available