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I. Description:
Outdoor application for PCTP size is from 2.8 inch to 27 inch. It also usually has different special requirements for PCTP, such as touch with water, touch with gloves, sunlight readable, ruggedized, etc. Fannal has already had a complet solution for these special requirements.
II. Final Products:
    ? Outdoor Access Control
    ? Intelligent Parking System
    ? Agricultural Vehicle
    ? Marine Instrument
III. Real Solution Example:
a. Project Name:

Capacitive Touch Screen for Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

b. Description:

This smartphone is used for explosion hazardous areas, and must be through very serious explosion proof test. It also must be water-proof, touch with water and sunlight readable at the same time.
c. Touch Screen Solution:
We use 2mm Corning Gorilla Glass cover lens, G+G PCTP structure design, industrial application controller, sunlight readable display, optical bonding for display with PCTP.