Payment system machine

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Capacitive technology would be use to payment system

From the perspective of global mobile payment development, the global mobile payment transaction value will reach 325 billion US dollars in 2014, an increase of 38% compared with the transaction value in 2013, and the global mobile payment market will continue in the foreseeable future. Maintain a compound growth rate of around 40% and continue to run fast. This means that as the consumption habits of a new generation of consumers change, mobile payments will face unprecedented opportunities for development. At the same time, as with the philosophical laws of the development of any new thing, there are still many challenges in the process of the growth of mobile payment. The security issue is the primary problem facing mobile payment. 

1.Mobile payment system and the role of dedicated capacitive touch screens used in it Mobile payment, commonly known as mobile payment, is a payment that allows users to use their mobile terminals (mainly mobile phones or pads) to pay for goods or services they consume. Service method. The usual operation mode is: the user accesses the mobile payment system through the wireless terminal function through the mobile terminal, and the mobile payment system transmits the transaction request to the integrated service access platform (MSAP), and the MSAP determines the transaction amount and transmits the payment through the mobile terminal. The system notifies the user that after the user confirms, the payment is realized by directly accessing the online bank or the telephone bank to complete the mobile payment process. The environment faced by mobile payment systems is very complicated. It not only has external malicious attackers lik e other e-commerce security systems, but also because of the conflict of interest between participants in mobile payment systems, dishonest participants are likely to Conduct a malicious attack. Moreover, the mobile network and the terminal environment are often unstable, and the wireless network speed problem, the security and reliability of the mobile terminal, etc., all pose a threat to the security of the mobile payment system. In fact, in order to realize secure mobile payment, the requirements for mobile terminals are very high. The mobile terminal needs to have good security and confidentiality, fast calculation speed, high stability and reliability, large information display, light and portable, anti-drop and anti-shock. Long life and other characteristics. From the perspective of the mobile terminal itself, the capacitive touch display screen responsible for inputting commands is one of the most vulnerable modules to be attacked. Since the principle of the capacitive touch screen is to use the electrostatic field line emitted by the touch screen electrode for sensing, the sensing capacitor can be tampering with the input command by a malicious interferer through electromagnetic interference or the like. Regarding the problem of malicious attacks on capacitive screens, Gao Liwen et al. also have a more detailed description in the article "Capacitive Screens in Military Demand and Development Status at Home and Abroad" (China High-Tech Enterprises, 2012), which will not be repeated here. Due to the performance advantages of capacitive touch screens, the well-known research institute "NPD Display Search" predicts that the penetration rate of capacitive touch screen mobile phones will exceed 90% by 2016, while PAD is 100% using capacitive touch screens as input methods for instructions. (Capacity ATMs and consoles also use capacitive touch screens in large numbers). Therefore, the development of high-reliability and anti-jamming capacitive touch screens for mobile payment has become a very necessary thing. The following two schematic diagrams can be used to illustrate the role and development of a dedicated capacitive touch screen display module with high reliability and immunity. 

2.High reliability and anti-interference capacitive screen design principle and key technology For the capacitive touch screen of dedicated mobile payment, the performance of high reliability and anti-interference mainly includes the following aspects: 

3.High reliability and anti-interference driving chip And professional IC application software for capacitive touch screen, you need to add a touch screen driver chip between the main control CPU, so that a part of the code work can be given to the driver, so that the main control processor can only be used when the touch screen interrupt request Controlling the operation of the touch screen control chip and receiving or transmitting data to the touch screen control chip improves the working efficiency of the entire system hardware. The driver chip has a mixed performance in terms of stability and versatility. It requires high stability and high reliability in mobile payment, and anti-electromagnetic interference and safety performance are particularly important. The driver chip should flexibly improve the algorithm according to the requirements to meet the high stability and high reliability requirements of mobile payment. Development of professional IC application software: IC software development adopts capacitive successive approximation algorithm, which has outstanding anti-interference performance and low power consumption, and can easily realize small-capacity and high-precision capacitance; the matching characteristics between capacitors are relatively good, and the capacitance is relatively good. The network can directly sample the analog input voltage without the need to add additional sample/hold circuits, reducing design difficulty. The software development response correction program can use a calibration method such as CRC or parity. The capacitive touch chip and the client directly perform data verification to improve the security and confidentiality of the device.